WOW My Skin

WOW My Skin


Harnessing The Power of Copaiba Essential oil…

….to WOW Your Skin!

Designed by Our Aromatherapist!

Only The Best Ingredients!

No Added Color or Die!

Naturally Vegan!

WOW Your Skin Today!

Bar Weights at Least 3.5 oz

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The Pamper Me Naturally Promise

To Always…

Give Full Ingredient Disclosure!

Use “Sustainably Grown” Ingredients!

Use “Food Grade” Ingredients wherever Possible!

Use “Certified Organic” Ingredients whenever Possible!

Use “Therapeutic Grade” Essential Oils by Naturally Amazing!

Hand Craft the Best Products Today, for A Better Tomorrow!

Directions: Wet Soap & Skin, Lather Soap on Skin, Relax, Rinse off with water, Dry Skin, Apply Pamper Me Naturally Body Lotion, Enjoy Your Day!

Ingredients: Olive oil, Coconut oil, Palm oil, Grapeseed oil, Sunflower oil; Saponified with Purified Water and Alkali; Copaiba Essential Oil.

Hand Crafted with Pride in the USA!