A New Mother… Diaper Rash….

Everything had Harsh man-made Chemicals…

So She Got Busy Crafting a Salve…

It Worked! It Worked so Well…. soon…

People Started Asking for More of that “First-Aid kit in a Jar”

Hand Crafted in Small Batches of Herbs, Oils and Love!

Apply Amazing Skin Salve Topically… Be Amazed!

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Skin is your Largest Organ, Keep It Clean!

Use The Best All Natural Soap:

NO Artificial Fragrances

NO Hydrogenated oils

NO FD&C Colors

NO Gluten

NO Soy


Pamper Me Naturally - Custom Products

Custom Labeling for Shower Favors, Party Gifts, and More…

Our Aromatherapist can Create your Prefect Bar of Soap.

Minimum Custom Order 40 Bars of the Same Custom Scent.

For Details & Pricing Contact Us here.

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